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Hunting Souls", Mike and Angie fights to save their sick child Sophie and their own souls, as they are hunted by a malevolent demon."

"Hunting Souls" is a horror-thriller that explores the metaphor of the personal demons we all face in life. The story follows a father, Mike, who discovers a malevolent demon is hunting his family, endangering his daughter Sophie's life, and taking her energy. Desperate to save her, Mike must confront his own personal demons and find a way to fight the supernatural force before it's too late. A tale of resilience and determination, the film not only delivers thrills and suspense but also delves into the deeper themes of overcoming one's inner struggles in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Diego silva Acevedo, nine times Emmy Award winner, now the screenwriter of the "Hunting Souls" film, Make his directorial debut on the film. 

Hunting Souls is the new feature film of

Seven Studios Productions.

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